Who We Are and What We Believe as a Church

Redeemer Church is a new, growing spiritual community in Utah Valley. We are Bible-based, and we are all about passionately pursuing our amazing God. He is big enough to fill our hearts to overflowing and provide for every need. We live for His glory! Why? We love Him because He first loved us. Apart from God, we’ll never experience truly, radically unconditional love in our lives. God sent His only Son to die for us even when we were deep in our sins. He enters our lives today when we don’t deserve help and often when we’re in the lowest places in life. Can’t ever seem to measure up? Can’t escape from those hidden sins? Can’t see past your pride, your hurts, unmet needs? You’re not alone. There are no perfect people at Redeemer Church, only imperfect people loving our perfect God together! We come to Him with empty hands. We stop trusting in our own goodness and abilities, as if we could ever do anything to make a dent in the great debt we owe our God. What do we have but what He’s given us anyway? The great healing moment for every human being is when our hands are completely empty of self-righteousness, self-will, and trust in any created thing. Then, when our hands are empty, they are ready to receive the great love of God the Creator. This love changes us spiritually and miraculously from the inside out. Our whole lives were meant for this journey toward absolute dependence on this infinite God of infinite love. Won’t you join us on our journey of faith?

But God shows His love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us!

Romans 5:8


Come as you are! Feel free to dress casually or formally, as God leads you personally. Most of our people tend to dress casually. The pastor will usually be in jeans, a button down, and maybe a sports jacket. Still, feel no pressure to fit into a dress code. God looks at our hearts not at outward appearances. (1 Samuel 16:7)

If you have kids, you may want to sign them in for nursery. Nursery is for ages 3 months to 3 years, and children’s church serves our 4-10 year olds with exciting songs, games, crafts, and Bible teaching designed to grow children’s understanding of the Bible and their desire to follow Jesus. We want children to get the most out of Sunday mornings, while allowing parents to focus their hearts and minds on God during the service.

During the service, you’ll experience music designed to direct our hearts and minds to God in love and adoration. There will also be readings from the Bible and historic proclamations of faith and love for God. The sermon will be deeply Biblical and engaging. The sermon will engage the deepest needs of our hearts, minds, and souls where we live today, with the Bible’s timeless Truth. Most of the time, the sermons will move through books of the Bible so we understand the Bible’s message in its context and don’t miss anything God wants to say to us. Sometimes, we will also take a break from moving straight through a book of the Bible to address particular topics that are important for our lives and the life of our church from a broader Biblical perspective. The main point? We want God to speak to us through his Word every week as we respond to Him in worship, prayer, and heartfelt commitments to walk with the God of glory because of His great grace to us in Christ!

After the service (around 6:30), people tend to stick around to talk and maybe enjoy some refreshments! This is a great time to connect more deeply with warm and friendly people, to ask any questions you may have, or talk about how you can be more involved in the life of Redeemer church. On the second Sunday of most months, we have a potluck meal after the service that has become affectionately known as “Feast Sunday.”  Feel free to come bringing a dish or simply partaking with us as our treasured guests! 


Redeemer Church in Orem is a new and growing church plant.  It began when Redeemer Church in Fort Worth decided to plant a church in Utah County. The decision to start a new church here was made partially because there are fewer evangelical (Bible-based) churches in the Provo metro area, and it was partially made because of relational connections to the area.  Kevin and Sundi Rutledge, who were ministers at Redeemer Fort Worth sensed God’s calling to plant a church in the Provo-Orem area, and that calling was confirmed by the leadership of Redeemer Church of Fort Worth. Redeemer Fort Worth and the Rutledges partnered with the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, in order to meet the need to start a quality Biblically-based church in Orem.  Kevin and Sundi lead a team of five other adults, who moved together to Orem, where they began a home bible study in the summer of 2014.  After meeting many new friends and sharing the heart-changing message of the Bible in their new city for about a year, they moved into the building where the church met for two years on State Street in North Orem.  Recently, we’ve moved into the church building at First Baptist Provo.  This is where we will meet until God directs us to our new facility. Redeemer Orem has become a warm and passionate community of committed Christians together with many sincere seekers of the Truth.  All are welcome and encouraged to join the amazing journey of faith that is taking place in Redeemer Church. People of diverse faith and life backgrounds are finding a new hope, a new authenticity, a new sense of awe and satisfaction in God’s presence, and the journey of Redeemer Orem is continuing to unfold in amazing ways!  Come see what’s happening.  Who knows?  You may find something you never expected in the ancient but timeless Biblical message about our Glorious, Unique, and Holy God and His amazing grace. This grace means God accepts unworthy people like you and me at the cost of deeply sacrificial love that will never leave those who trust Him! You may become a vital part of the next chapter of Redeemer Church’s unfolding story! We’re looking forward to meeting you!