Regular Church Events

Sunday Morning Worship

Every Sunday. 5:00 PM. 1144 Columbia Ln. Provo. Come dressed however you’re comfortable. The pastor will likely be in jeans.  Come early and leave late to meet warm and friendly people. There will be worship music that draws our hearts to God, with a contemporary feel. The worship service is built around the Biblical message we’re exploring. Currently, we’re looking at the book of Hebrews.  It answers the question, “How do I understand the Old Testament in light of Jesus?” For exampe, “Why don’t we have sacrifices anymore?” Hebrews tells us that all of the Old Testament was a pointer to Jesus, who is the final sacrifice, the only high priest, and the greatest revelation.  We are pressed through mere external forms of religion to connect to the very heart of God. Jesus is better. Join us in the pursuit of life changing relationship with our God!

Redeemer University

1st & 3rd Saturday Morning of every month. 9 AM. Kneaders Cafe 1960 N State St. Orem, UT. Redeemer University is an opportunity to dive deeply into truth. Are you the type of person that wants something for your brain as well as your heart? Maybe you’re a skeptic? This is for you.  Do you want to understand the Bible better?  Do you want to be able to communicate faith to an unbelieving world? Then this is for you.  Currently we’re looking at the question of God. Can belief in the God of the Bible stand up to the challenges of pluralism, scientific positivism, and just good reasoning? We believe that belief in the God of the Bible is the most rational and rich option in the marketplace of ideas. Sound questionable? Then, this is for you. 

Small Groups

Wednesday Nights. 6:30 PM. OR Friday Nights. 6:30 PM.  There are multiple small group options. Connect with us to find the one that’s right for you! From our college group to our faith transitions group, we have a place waiting for you! Simply email [email protected] and someone will help you find the best place for you! Our small groups are a chance to connect more deeply with people while thinking more deeply about the passages of the Bible we explore during Sunday morning worship. What does this passage mean for my life? How should it change the way I feel and think. God has planned for us to grow through connecting with people over His Word to us. This is where our lives are changed! Take the next step and connect to a small group!

Some Past Events

Saturday, July 1st. Stadium of Fire Outreach.

Saturday, July 1. 4:00 PM. We’ll leave Redeemer Church at 4:00 PM, in order to grab a parking spot and a home base position in front of BYU’s LaVell Edwards Stadium.  From there we will hand out hundreds of cold water bottles and frozen otter pops to the hot crowds waiting to see the fireworks show.  We’ll also hand out church invitations and Good News pamphlets with the refreshments! Come join the fun and serve our community with the love of Christ! (If you need to show up later, you can meet our group in front of the Stadium at any time throughout the afternoon and evening.

July 4th Neighborhood Party.

Tuesday, July 4. 6:30 PM. Come to the Rutledge Home (197 E 980 N Orem, UT 84057) for a cookout, friends, fireworks, and fun! Bring a friend, and if you can, bring a side, dessert, or drink to share, or maybe a cash donation to offset the cost of the grilled meat and veggies, which will be our main dish.

Pie and Rootbeer Festival

Saturday, July 22. 6:00 PM. All are invited to Orem City Center Park where Redeemer will provide free BBQ, rootbeer, snowcones, cotton candy, and games and fun for children and adults alike.  Bring a pie to enter into our pie baking contest! Who knows maybe you’ll win a prize, but you’ll definitely sample some of the other entries! We’ll have other prize winning opportunities as well.  We would love for you to bring a pie, or a side item to share, as well, but more than anything, we would love to see YOU there!