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David Platt Secret Church Radical Ministries Teaching Persecuted

Secret Church / 'Radical' Ministries

Secret Church is a movement to remind us that people are losing their lives every day around the world in order to study and live out the precious truths found in Scripture. Secret Church sessions remind us of those persecuted Christians studying the Bible in hiding. The free messages presented here take the Bible with life or death sincerity, while remembering our Bible-believing, Christ-clinging brothers and sisters around the world are dying today for the Truths of the Bible. Make sure to look through the other resources on this site as well.
John Piper Desiring God Teaching Ministries

Desiring God and John Piper

John Piper, the founder of Desiring God ministries, has made it his life’s ambition for us to reclaim the almost forgotten Biblical Truth that we were created to desire our God and that ‘God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him!’ Be refreshed by the deeply Biblical sermons by John Piper found here.
Ravi Zecharias Christian Apologetics Teaching

Ravi Zecharias International Ministries

Ravi Zecharias is a noted Christian apologist (meaning ‘thoughtful defender of Biblical faith’), author, and speaker. Here you will find audio, video, and written resources that intelligently¬†engage global issues from a Biblical Worldview and that promote Biblical faith in God while answering big faith questions from atheists, agnostics, and proponents of other faiths,
Timothy Keller Redeemer Presbyterian Sermons

Timothy Keller Sermons

Tim Keller is an author, thinker, and pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian in New York. He is one of the most important and influential Christian thinkers of our day. The picture links the site where you can find many free sermons and other resources by Tim Keller. You can also explore his page on, which is an excellent place to find diverse sermons from other evangelical preachers, as well. Go to that page by clicking here.


K Love Christian Contemporary Radio


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Contemporary Christian Music

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SOS Radio Contemporary Christian Music Worship

SOS Radio

1120 AM

Contemporary Christian Music

Worship Music

Truth Network Christian Teaching

Truth Network

820 AM, 95.3 FM

Christian Teaching and Talk

Key Radio Christian Teaching and Talk Christian Music

Key Radio

1450 AM Provo; 91.7 FM Vernal & Richfield; 91.9 FM Price

Christian Teaching and Music


Matt Chandler - Explicit Gospel

Explicit Gospel

The word is thrown around a lot, but what does ‘gospel’ mean? This book demonstrates from the Bible exactly what the Gospel is. It’s the centrally important ‘Good News’ story running throughout the Bible. It’s how Christ saves us from our hopeless condition and brings us to God. God saves sinners who don’t deserve it. Explore the good news that it’s not what we do, but what Christ has done to bring us to God.
Christian Life Walk

An Introduction to Christian Life

Looking into Biblical Christianity for the first time? Are you a new believer or do you simply need some spiritual renewal? The Walk explores the heart of Christian discipleship and growth based on what Christ did for us and continues to do today!
Bible Reading Sproul

Want to better understand and apply the Bible yourself?

Giving excellent guidelines in an understandable way, Knowing Scripture will help you gain confidence in truly understanding the timeless truths of the Bible and how they relate to your life. This is a great introduction to the serious study of the Bible.
Christianity Apologetics Bible Faith

Got Questions? Is Biblical Faith Rational?

Whether you’ve wrestled with questions or doubts or know someone you’d like to help through them, The Reason For God is a great place to find some answers! Biblical faith is rational. Learn to answer some of the most common objections to faith and have your faith strengthened in the process!